Monday, September 1, 2014

June 27, 1964 On Board the Stella Maris, Visiting Crete and Souvenirs

Journal entries, always in italics.

Knossos.  Palace.  Crete.  Minoan civilization.  Palace of Minos--labyrinth Sir Arthur Evans, early 1900's.

Brown olives--bread & cheese.
Green--salt & lemon.
Ripe--eat with lemon only.

Stole $7.85
Bracelets & necklace $11.20

Tomorrow, Rhodes and detailed journal entries.  

Postcard - SS Stella Maris

At anchor

Sunday, August 31, 2014

June 26, 1964 Mycenae and Port of Piraeus

Journal entries (always in italics)  

Mycenae.  June 26.  Lavender hollyhocks in rocks, scrap of paint covered by rocks.  Agamemnon's tomb.  Lion gates.

P.M. departure from Port of Piraeus for the Stella Maris cruise.

Tomorrow, boarding the Stella Maris for Crete, the first of the island visits.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

June 25, 1964 Nafplion and The Theater at Epidaurus

Diary entries (always in italics)  Hotel Xenia, Nafplion (Nauplia)

Beautiful hotel on old acropolis.  Fort on each side.  Exhausted.  Went to bed after eating.  Children went swimming.  Wonderful beach.

Tour to Epidaurus.  Troupe practicing for Ajax.  Star was Italian, chorus rehearsed.  One spoke English--talked to Bob.  Acoustics perfect in this theater.

We were tired.

Passed first hospital--Hippocrates, father of medicine--  god Asclepios (god of medicine)

Tomorrow, Mycenae. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

June 24, 1964 Itea to Olympia and A Letter from Home

Journal entries (always in italics) Hotel Xenia, Olympia.  Itea to Aegion (where Agamemnon gathered soldiers for Troy).  Winding mt. road--beautiful but like Pike's Peak.  Herman, bus driver, very tired at end of day.

Saw River Styx from ferry.  Lemon orchards along the way.  Patras, commercial city.  Exports wine & textiles.

Traveled Ionian Sea, grapes, olives, lemons.  Bougainvillea (purple) on houses, a variety of bamboo grows with cypresses.  Saw Gypsies sitting under trees by roads.   Men sitting away from women. Rice paddy.  Sheep, goats, goat bells, construction with cement mixer, flowers.  

Hotel at Olympia beautiful, modern.

Visited museum--model Winged Victory, Hermes, armor.

Walked to site of Olympia.  Temple of Zeus (site of famous statue of Zeus), workshop of Phileas (made Athena).  Site of first Olympic games.  Walked to bridge at night.  Wonderful moon, tall cypress trees.

Coin plaque $2.15.

Tomorrow, NAUPLIA (Nafplion)

NOTE:  I received a letter from my friend, Karen, who was taking care of our cat.  Below is part of what she wrote.  While I was having a wonderful time, so was Karen.  But I went to bed that night thinking about what Karen wrote in her letter, and about where she had gone.  I wished I could have gone with her, and thought it was an important thing she and her family had done by going.  To read about the event:

June24, 1964

Dear Ann,

"I'm sorry I haven't written but it took me awhile to figure out that mailing list.  The cat is doing just fine and seems very happy.  I have a popsicle in your refrigerator.  My mom bought me these envelopes so I could write.  The cat threw up on the dining room rug because she ate her food too fast but I cleaned it up pretty good.

Sunday June 22 my family went to a big Civil Rights Rally up in Chicago.  It was exciting.  There were about 65,000 people there.  It was the second biggest rally in the U.S.  Mahalia Jackson and Martin Luther King were there.  Mahalia Jackson has a very good voice for her age.

We haven't been doing anything special around here except messing off.  I'll write you another letter and please write me.  I'm bored."



Thursday, August 28, 2014

June 23, 1964 On the Sacred Way to Delphi, Daphne and Livadia

June 23, on the sacred way to Delphi.  Motel Xenia, Itea, Greece, 12 miles from Delphi.

Camp ground with tents.  Olive trees.  Oleander, Morning Glories.

Church of Daphne.  1400-1500 Turks plastered over mosaics.  Built 1100?  Mosaics tell story of Christ's life.  Stern Christ in center of dome.

Square, boxy houses, plaster, white with red window frames, blue trim around top.  Cream colored homes or plain cement, red clay soil in olive orchards.  Grey and dark brown donkeys tied to trees or peddling carts.  Bee hives in orchards.  Trees tapped for sap.  Fields of onions, wheat, tobacco, tomatoes.

Thebes--pens of geese, sheep, oldest city in Greece.  Farmers plowing with donkeys, tractors, large machines.  In grain fields women hoeing, farmers making irrigation ditches for vegs., cotton fields.

Stop at Livadia.  Straw shepherd huts, women taking bread from outdoor oven.

Triple way:  3 roads meeting where Oedipus killed father.  Red poppies, lots of yellow flowers, fig tees, Queen Anne's lace.  

Donkey driver gave yellow flowers which they chew for milk.

Delphi.  Pomegranate, almond, olive trees.  Center of world.  Treasury, Temple of Apollo, first temple.

Tomorrow, Olympia.