Thursday, October 30, 2014

March 6, 1965 The Nice Birthday, The New Can Opener, The Dress, The Snow and Some Day, Some One Will Find a Cure

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"You outdid yourselves on my birthday, did not you? Naturally I was happy with everything and I needed the slip in the worst way, but any one of the things would have been enough.

I had such a nice birthday. B gave me a necklace and the children gave me a new can opener and some candy. Our book club met that morning and after lunch Helen Brown and I went to Bloomington and loafed. We have not done that in months and really enjoyed it -.... looked in some gift shops and browsed around It rained but we just ignored it I have loads of birthday cards and letters and they are still coming in Even Edna Sorensen wrote a letter She sounded lonesome.

I do not know what to say about Junior. Aunt Cliffie is worried sick, I know, but until there is a definite diagnosis we can always hope that it will not be as bad as expected. I can not find Farcoid in my dictionary either but I imagine it is a new name. There is a fever of the lymph glands that starts with lumps as you describe. It is serious too but I think it can be cured. We had a student who had cancer in the lymph glands (is not that Hodgkins' disease?) and he got well. One summer he was a life guard here at the Normal pool. The next year he was so near death. Then he was in the Dwight Veteran's Hospital and now he is fine, as far as I know and is teaching again. Some day, some one will find a cure for cancer.

We had a card from Marjorie too. She was in Australia and about to leave for New Zealand. Ann's pen pal lives in New Zealand. It is wonderful that Marjorie is getting to see so much of the world.

I had planned to send Cowan's a card but did not find a suitable one in time so just never did.

My dress was finished until I thought I was pulling a boasting thread and pulled part of the sleeve lining loose. It did not matter for I'd have had to fix it anyway if the thread showed in the wrong place.

We have had 6 more inches of snow after that last terrible storm had melted. It did not blow and drift though, so life did not stop around here. We did not hear much about your weather. The news men around here were too concerned with our own, I guess, but I worried about you.

Ann is going to a school party with Malcolm tonight so she is washing her hair now. She is going to a music camp at Lake Bloomington this summer for two weeks. Wesleyan Music School sponsors it and she has been accepted already.

B is leaving tomorrow afternoon for a week of meetings in Chicago and Washington. He'll be back next Saturday. The days are long when he's gone but I'm glad he's going. It will be a change from the merry-go-round he's been on here and should be a rest in a way.

Hope you both are fine. "

               Lots of love,


NOTE:   I'm not sure who Junior WAS or what WAS wrong, but I suspect the Word Mom WAS looking for Might Have Been "Sarcoid" not "Farcoid".

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

February 29, 1965 The Day was Gone, The Snow was Fine & Dry, The Rabbits are Enjoying the Tulips and The Thing is a Mess

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I didn't get this done yesterday because we had potluck here last night.  By the time I cleaned the house and made pies the day was gone.  The couple who was supposed to bring dessert are away on their vacation so I had to furnish it.

Of course, you know what kind of weather we have had.  It has been so nice and so terrible all in one week.  It is hard to realize that we had so much snow for it was warm yesterday and the snow is melting fast.  The snow was fine and dry and the wind so high that there were ten feet drifts on the highways.  Schools closed and two women died in separate places on a clogged highway.  Even the snow plows bogged down in the drifts.

I have sewed a little more on my whipped cream dress and could have finished it, I guess, but haven't hurried.  Today is so nice I wish it was ready to wear because we have to help the President & his wife with a faculty tea.  That dress would be just right to wear.  I made a jacket for it and have been lining it like Charlotte showed me.  It seems terribly slow but it is neat.

I heard a flock of geese go over real early this morning.  Maybe that's a sign of spring.  Some people have seen robins but I haven't.  The rabbits seem to be enjoying the tulips that are coming up.  The little rascals!

We didn't watch Cinderella but so many people have talked about it being good. There was a public program at the high school on Vietnam and it was broadcast so we wanted to hear that.  The man who made the speech is a young professor at one of our state schools.  He gave an excellent hour's speech and then answered questions.  After the program he talked to the students and Bob said he suggested the U.S. move out of Vietnam and into Thailand and stop the communists from moving into it.  All in all, the thing is a mess.

March, 1959, Life

Well, I stopped to get dinner and now it is time to dress for the tea.  Hope you both are fine.  Watch out for the flu bug."

                         Lots of love,


NOTE:  Here's a quick look at the made for T.V. Cinderella...

Monday, October 27, 2014

February 20, 1965 The Singing Redbirds, The League of Nations, The Extra Cleaning and The Ironing

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is a beautiful day but pretty snappy and it is supposed to get very cold tonight.  The redbirds have been singing and tulips are coming up so maybe spring is on the way.  We had two wonderful days this week so I got my front windows washed.

I was hostess to As You Like It on Thursday and that was a bright, nice day.  I was so glad I'd washed the windows.  Last year when they came we had a big snow storm.

I'm still working on my book review and probably will a little at a time until I give it a month from now.  It is a wonderful book.  Wilson certainly knew what was ahead for the U.S. and I wonder how things would have been if the U.S. had cooperated in the League of Nations.  He really had vision.

I don't think there is much you can do when water keeps coming into the basement.  If the ground is so soaked it can't hold anymore it has to go somewhere.  There is no real reason why we should get it but we do sometimes.

Maybe you'll still get the Penney's catalog.  We got ours only a few days ago and we've had the others for weeks. Someone told me they are slow at filling orders but I've always ordered thru the store so I don't know.  I didn't get the Spiegel catalog because I just don't like to order from them. The clerks aren't very friendly in the Bloomington office or something.

I've worked hard all week but haven't much to show for it. Of course, I had to clean a little extra with the women coming.  I collected for the heart fund yesterday and went with B to a men's club dinner last night.

Most of today has been spent getting ready for a dinner for the Dept. of Education.  There will be about 100 of us so we are divided into groups and I am co-hostess with Faith Larsen.  We will have 12 people which isn't hard.

Polly stayed all night with Ann and they have gone to school to see a water polo game.  Bob is talking about going bowling but is doing something in the basement right now. He played basketball this morning.  B worked in the office this morning but has gone to the library now, just for fun. He certainly doesn't have much time for things like that.

I must stop and iron some shirts--just haven't got them done.

Stay away from the flu."

              Lots of love,


NOTE:  For some brief footage featuring Woodrow Wilson as well as biographical information:

Saturday, October 25, 2014

February 13, 1965 The Fudge, The Whipped Cream, The Mail, The Few Nice Days and When the Cheering Stopped

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The kids have gone to a ball game and B is making fudge.  It is nice to be home and not have a dozen things to do.  I've been home a little more than usual this week and have been sewing again.  I made Ann a wool flowered dress and cut one out of whipped cream for myself.  Ann's is quite a plain style but very pretty.

It had to be lined for the material is sort of stretchy so it was quite a lot of work. I think I told you when I got the whipped cream on sale at Penney's.  It is a dark, gaudy print.  I decided I wanted a sleeveless dress and jacket but had only three yards.  I had tried to cut it twice and couldn't get what I wanted but managed to get it all.  It would be terrible if I've left a piece out but I checked them several times to be sure.  Ann's dress has to be hemmed tomorrow after she tries it on. She is shaped like I am and I usually have to measure with the yardstick to get her skirts even.

My book review for As You Like It Club is coming up in March.  It is the story of Woodrow Wilson's last years called When the Cheering Stopped.  You should get it from the bookmobile and read it.  I could hardly stop reading when I started and yet it is one of the saddest books I ever read. It really makes one think.  He was so right about so many things.

Bob is still getting mail about the summer science programs.  He hasn't applied to any of them yet but has the blanks when he decides which one. He'll be very lucky if he is accepted at one.  It seems to me that they all expect the kids to know an awful lot.

Bob still has quite a lot of cold. He couldn't go to school Monday but went back Tuesday afternoon.  Ann went back Monday afternoon so they both missed a day and a half.  So far, B & I have escaped.  I scalded dishes and maybe that helped.

We had a few nice days and I wanted to wash the windows but had other things to do.  Now it is real cold again.  I wanted to cut some pussy willows, too.  They had started to come out.  The wind blew so hard last night it woke me up several times.  Sounded awful.

Marjorie's trip sounds so nice.  I almost envy her.  Ann writes to a girl in New Zealand and wants to go there sometime.

The dishwasher is all fixed.  I got along very well without it but it does save time.  B had to buy the whole timer and turn in the old one.  That thing was $21.  Isn't that awful?  B said he felt like complaining to the company.

The fudge is done and real good.  I wish you had some of it.

Take good care of yourselves."

                       Lots of love,


NOTE:  For more on Gene Smith and When the Cheering Stopped:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

February 6, 1965 Muddy & Dirty, Busy & Mixed Up, Chills & Fever and B Is Disgusted

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We've had a break in the cold weather at last and the weather man says it may get close to 50° today.  I'll have to see it to believe it for it sounds too good.  Things are awfully muddy & dirty now.  My hall rug looks awful after Bob came in yesterday.

This has been a busy and mixed up week.  B's schedule is always so mixed up when a new term begins but there are a lot of things to do whether one eats lunch at noon or not. He is working in the office all day today.

Bob has gone to play basketball.  It is part of their school work but they don't really have to do it.  We're glad he goes for he needs the exercise as well as the good fun.  He has applied for one of the summer science programs but we don't know, of course, whether he'll get to go or not.  We inquired about a dozen different ones and the information is beginning to trickle in.  So far, there is only one he's interested in and that is near Hartford, Conn.  If he doesn't go to one of them he'll just go to summer school, but his science teacher always encourages him to apply for everything.

Ann is still in bed.  She has a flu bug I guess.  It started with chills and fever and she feels rotten.  She was so determined to go to school at noon yesterday because she had been elected to student council and they had a meeting then.  She got all ready to go but I took her temperature and she had to stay home.  It was down last night so maybe she'll be all right today.  This thing is going right thru all the schools in town.

I haven't done much of anything around the house this week.  It seems that I have had a million little things and didn't even get to Bloomington on Dollar Day.

I have started the front of my sweater but it sure does slow.  We had a writers' workshop Tuesday and I took it with me and knitted while I listened.  I keep thinking I'll find some time to write but there is always so much to do and some of the things aggravate me so.  I gave a program on Greece for our preacher Monday night and didn't want to do it at all.  It went off real well and he was so grateful it made me ashamed.  It takes so long to get one together if it is done right but most people think there isn't anything to it.  He offered me a check but I didn't want that and I don't even know how much it was.

The timer on my dishwasher is broken so I've been doing dishes again.  B is disgusted because we have to buy the whole timer when all he needs is a little part to fix it.

I'm glad Daddy's chair is so nice.  Both of you be real careful this winter and don't take the flu."

                     Lots of love,


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

January 30, 1965 The Japanese Dinner, The 7 Teenagers, The Broken Pitcher and The Dry Basement

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm really lazy this morning and Ann isn't even up yet but it is almost noon.  We had a Japanese dinner last night for 15 people so we are tired today.

B had to work in the office today but he got his own breakfast and I stayed in bed until the telephone got me out at 9:30.

I think I told you our President (ISU) was in Japan for a few days last fall and he wanted to see our pictures and show his to us.  We made a party out of the evening for the three (4 counting us) families that get together once in awhile. There are 7 teenagers among us but Ann is the only girl.  The boys accept her like a sister and she gets along fine.

We've had a parade of kids to see the guitar & try it out.  Bob does better with it now than Ann does but he has worked at it more.

This has been a busy week.  It is the end of the semester so there are extra things for everyone--exams and all.  B had two extra things he had to do which took a lot of time he needed for office work.  He is on that citizen's committee to get new hospitals for our area.  The committee was asked to tour two of our hospitals to see what they have and what they need.  Then the General Electric plant asked a group from school to come and see their computer system.  They hope to sell some of it to the University some time, I guess.

We have been going to Bloomington for Ann's organ lesson on Monday night instead of going to the church.  Her teacher said it would be several weeks before we could go back to the church.  I don't know why but it is much easier for us, of course, since we just have to walk up the street about a block.

I'm so sorry about the cream pitcher. Were any of the pieces big enough to show the design?  We might try to replace it but we'd have to send a piece to show the pattern and it probably would take a year because of the writing back and forth. I'm glad it was the pitcher instead of a cup or plate.  B's mom broke a plate in her set. It just fell off the shelf one day for no reason at all.  She heard a crash & went into the dining room & found it.

Our basement is nice & dry again.  It was the recreation room where we had the trouble.  I should knock on wood, I guess, but you can never tell water has been there.  The man that laid the tiles knew what he was doing when he put the mastic on so heavy.  We had him close up the drain in that part of the basement so there is nothing to do but mop up when the water comes in.  There are drains in the other parts.

I have some other letters to write so will say bye for now.  Hope you both are fine."

                           Lots of love,

NOTE:  In the news...

Caption reads:  SPECTACLE.  Perched in trees along the route, boys have a fine view of inaugural parade as a float full of Indians from the state of New Mexico goes past.

For a look at the inauguration of LBJ:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

January 24, 1965 The Water, The Guitar, The Four Big Boys and The Navy Shoes


Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I spent most of yesterday mopping up water in the basement instead of writing letters.  It rained hard
for about 24 hours so a lot of people have water in their basements.  We have never had so much.  It started coming in under the molding at the floor Friday night.  The rain has changed to snow now so it is coming in more slowly now.

Bob had a nice birthday.  He was happy to have the money and I saved your card & the money & put it in with the things we gave him on his birthday.  We gave him a dictionary of tropical fish and some clothes he needed.  I made his cake Friday so he could have it when three of his friends were here. They came for supper & stayed all night.  They went home after lunch Saturday.  They always look forward to it but one of them will be gone to college next year.

Ann's guitar never did come but we did finally hear from the order after B wrote & then sent a telegram.  They couldn't fill the order for another month or two so B took Ann to Bloomington & got one.  It is almost exactly like the one we had ordered.

This has been a tiring week.  Four big boys can eat so much that I had to plan a lot of food.  I went to a coffee Friday morning in the pouring rain and that night B showed some of our Greek pictures to the English department.  They gave a party for one of the men who just finished his Ph.D.  B was their program.

Thursday afternoon I went to a luncheon for As You Like It Club. We usually just have dessert but this one hostess always invites us for lunch and it is always such a nice party.  She owns a loan company, is divorced and has no children.  She gives beautiful parties but she must be one of the loneliest persons I know.  All she seems to really have is a big poodle that loves her.

How are you both?  I hope you will be real careful this winter and not get any flu bugs.  We have been pretty lucky that way but I almost feel like saying it with my fingers crossed.

Ann had a dental appointment Friday and doesn't have to see him again until the end of March.  That is good news to me for it saves a lot of driving.

I haven't done much knitting since Christmas so I still have a long way to go on my sweater.  Maybe I'll have it for next fall.

Enna Jetticks 1965

Spring clothes are being displayed in the store windows but I'm not going to buy much except a hat.  I bought a pair of navy shoes on sale last week and they will be my spring shoes.  I do want to make that piece of whipped cream print before long & Ann will want something, I know.

I must stop so I can get this mailed.  Hope you are both fine."

                                 Lots of love,