Friday, July 31, 2015

March 7, 1970 The Very Pretty Car, The Rabbit's Nest, The Hard Winter, The French President and The Solar Eclipse

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Spring must be trying to get here. Today is a beautiful day and we saw a big flock of geese heading north.

We have been to Chicago and came home with a new car. It is a little lighter green than Ann's with a dark green top--a Buick. We looked last Saturday but had to think a while about it because it is a 1969 model but new. We read about this dealer in a magazine and saw his ad in the Chicago papers. There isn't much difference in the '69 and '70 models so we decided it was a good buy. We had a choice of this one, a grey, or a gold but like the green best. It is very pretty.

We have another rabbit's nest in our front yard, in fact, she has made two and they leave such a big hole.

I know Uncle Floyd is happy to get out in the truck. We heard the St. Louis weather today and it is 60ยบ there. I know if it gets warm so they can be outside a little they will both feel better. All of us will, for that matter. This has been a hard winter on everyone.

We didn't see the French President. I think he arrived the night after we left. Chicago didn't want him to come & I can't say I feel much different. He simply got the kind of reception DeGaulle has been handing us.

B's mom got mixed up about when we were going to Chicago so hadn't written. She just wanted to visit a little bit. I guess Mabel gets around now but is careful.

Ann called yesterday or Thursday, maybe. When I'm gone so much I get mixed up. I was gone Thursday afternoon to As You Like It Club and all day yesterday to a Writers' Workshop.

We haven't heard from Bob & Pat this week but I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't at Virginia Beach this weekend to see the eclipse.  That was to be one of the best places to see it and they camp there sometimes. We get the William & Mary school paper and Muskie is to be their commencement speaker. That should be very interesting.

We're leaving early in the morning for Iowa. I'm going to try to write to Beulah and to Buddy while we're there. B will have to work and I'm hoping they won't have anything at all planned for me. They invited me to come and know I'm coming but I sure don't want to be entertained.

Hope you both are fine."

                         Lots of love,


NOTE:  For more on French President Pompidou's March visit to the U.S.:

Watch a news broadcast of the eclipse:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

March 2, 1970 The Jewelry Making, The Wonderful Time, The White Lace Volkswagon, The Little Violet and The Draft Board

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Your lovely card was here when we got home last night. Thanks so much for the money but the card would have been plenty of birthday for me. I'll probably buy me a tool or something for my jewelry making.

It was after 8:00 when we got home last night but we had a wonderful time in Chicago. B had to go to meetings most of the time but it was a change and that helps. I just browsed around and window shopped although it was pretty cold for that. One of my friends was with her husband so we shopped around together and that was fun.

The meeting was over at noon yesterday so we went out to the Auto Show which has been going on all week. We had never been before and it was fun to see all the beautiful cars and the fancy cars which were made just for show. There were purple ones and orange ones. One little Volkswagon looked like white lace. They aren't for sale of course. The show was in the same place out by the stockyards where they have the political conventions. It's a huge place and there were a lot of cars to see.

I'm tired today but we are going to a potluck supper at 6:00. I'm going to take peas and I have scalloped potatoes in the oven.

Next Sunday we are going to Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa for a couple of days where B has to do some work as a follow up to a study he helped do about a year ago.  I think they want to have a teachers' training program and are supposed to have made some changes this year. One of Ann's friends goes to school there but I don't know whether we'll see her or not. We'll leave here early Sunday morning and be home Tuesday evening.

I hope Daddy isn't working hard on that table for me & I sure don't want him working in the shop when it is cold. What kind of wood is he wanting for Ann's box? I don't think she cared what it was made of or how big. She just wanted something Daddy made.

It seems that Uncle Floyd has to go to Springfield real often. Do they give him x-ray treatments? Maybe that is what makes him feel so bad. They are awfully hard on some people.

I know how you feel about Ann. She still seems like my little girl, too, but she sure can take care of herself. Sometimes I can hardly believe that she manages so well. She directed the school choir a couple of days this week when the teacher was out and she taught another music class last week. I'd sure like to sneak in and listen.

My little violet is blooming now and it is such a pretty color. I hope it keeps going now that it's started.

The Faculty Women's Book Club meets with me in the morning at 10:00. I just have to make coffee and set the table. Another girl will bring the coffee cake. I've had to do a little cleaning today because 10:00 comes awfully fast--especially if the telephone rings a few times.

Bob had a letter from the draft board telling him to appear for a physical but it was a mistake. Someway or other the letter hadn't been sent from the med. school saying he was accepted. It is all o.k. now and he won't have to have one at all. We thought maybe everyone was being examined but they say no. Bob was relieved. He knew they wouldn't draft him but he'd have had to transfer the exam to Virginia and miss a day or two of school.

They (Bob & Pat) are going to have to fly home during Easter vacation. Pat just has a few days off so there isn't time to drive but they feel she must find a job then if she can. It will be sort of hectic but they have it all planned.

Hope you both are fine and thanks again for the nice birthday."

                Lots of love,


NOTE: For a little bit on the history of the Chicago Auto Show of 1970:

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

February 21, 1970 The Gorgeous Day, The Level Headed Boy, The Embroidered Quilt, The Little Violet and The Steel Wool

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It's a gorgeous day so we're going for a ride after awhile. Our car has been such a mess B ran it thru a wash this morning and is having the oil changed. He likes to do it himself but couldn't fit it in today & wanted it done before we go to Chicago. We will go Wed. afternoon and leave the hotel Saturday noon & be home by supper time. We will be at the Conrad Hilton Hotel. If you need us you can call and just ask for B to be paged or leave a message for him to call you.

Bob called to visit last Saturday evening. He and Pat both had colds but were all right. I think they are both anxious for school to be out and it won't really be long. Time goes so fast.

Ann called Sunday morning. She got a diamond for Valentines. Isn't that something? She has gone with this boy for over a year. He is Bob's age and is doing graduate work in U. of Missouri. His home is in Marshall. He has been here several times and we like him. He has beautiful skin and sort of reddish blond hair. They don't have any immediate plans because they want Ann to finish school and him to finish his masters--psychology. He seems very mature and level headed.

I've been working a little more on my embroidered quilt. It is almost finished but seems slow because the cross stitch is so solid. I've never seen any of the quilt blocks here. The tops are always in strips.

The little violet you gave me is full of buds now. It hasn't bloomed since you gave it to me except for the buds that were on it then. I fed it though, & now it is getting ready to start again.

I spent 2 days this week doing the floor in the kitchen & bath. I scrubbed with steel wool to take off all scratches & then put on two coats of wax. It sure looks pretty but I felt like an old woman when I finished because I did it on my hands & knees.

This isn't much letter but I'd better get cleaned up or the day will be gone and we won't be out of the house."

                       Lots of love,


NOTE: In order to jog the memory of the level headed boy, the diamond came the evening we saw this movie. Fortunately, I didn't have to dive for the ring. When I told Mom about the movie she said,"Hmm! Maybe I should see that one!"

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

February 14, 1970 The Awful Weather, The Major Operation, The Writing Group, The New Rock and The Scalloped Potatoes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This is letter writing day. I just finished letters to the kids and want to write Mabel, too. I guess she is having a bad time. She still can't stand and her arthritis bothers her always, of course. She takes exercises to keep limber but can't do that now so I feel awfully sorry for her. She's in a wheelchair and Horace and Sid are doing the housework.

I hope you two feel better today. It is this awful weather that makes us all feel draggy. When spring comes we won't know how to act. The temperature stays around zero and there are snow flurries most any time. I do better when the sun shines even if it is cold but today is another dark one.

I've spent most of this week working in the basement every chance I got. There is some order down there now but there is still a lot of work to do. B hopes to clean off the work bench this afternoon. That's a major operation and I didn't make much headway with it. Our recreation room needs to be thoroughly cleaned and have a fresh coat of paint. Some of the floor tiles need to be replaced too but I don't know when we can get to it.

For three evenings we worked on income tax returns. Ours was fairly simple but Ann's was a mess. She has to file three--National, Illinois & Missouri. We think we have them right but the instructions are so poor they are hard to follow.

I haven't done any writing in a long time. I try once in awhile but can't get any done. Things have to be quiet and you have to keep at it and I just can't find the time. Quill Club is a writing group. They read things they have written and the group makes suggestions for improvement or possible places where the manuscript can be sold. It is an interesting group and real helpful to anyone who writes. I've been in it so long I can't just drop out but I don't always go.

The public schools had Lincoln's birthday as a holiday so our jewelry class didn't meet this week. Each session is three hours long but that time just flies by. I had a new rock to cut so I missed going to class. We went to a rock shop last weekend and I bought a little piece of tiger eye. It was cheap but from what I've read since I bought it, I don't think I got much. It will be fun, anyway.

Our church is having some sort of convention for young people this weekend and they are feeding them supper at the church tonight. I have to make scalloped potatoes for them. I was glad they didn't ask me to keep some of them overnight. We did that once before and the kids were nice but it was a lot of work, too.

Our kids are all fine. Ann really had a good time at the wedding in St. Louis. Several of the girls went from Fulton.

Spring will be here one of these days."



NOTE:  Erich Segal's book, Love Story, was released on February 14, 1970, and published in part in the February issue of the Ladies Home Journal.  The film, released in December, had everyone weeping into their popcorn!

Monday, July 27, 2015

February 7, 1970 The Snappy Day, The Stubborn Receptionists, The All Day Workshop, The Dream Cake and The Rock Shop

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"You must be having the same kind of weather we do. Yesterday was beautiful and sunny but snappy. It is raining today. We need a hard rain to wash away the grime but it is just a drizzle. I hope it is nice in St. Louis though, for this is the weekend Ann is there for the wedding. She planned to go after classes yesterday and stay until Sunday sometime. There were so many things planned that she knew it would be late tonight before it was over so she made arrangements to not be at church in Jeff. City tomorrow. She is playing the organ for the wedding. The girl has been her big sister at William Woods and they like one another very much. She graduated in January. Her husband graduated from Rolla and is an engineer in Kansas City so they will live there.

I'm glad things are better for Uncle Floyd and Aunt Nora. He may have to insist on an appointment sometimes for these receptionists in doctors' offices can be real stubborn if they don't know anything about the case. I'd say a few days could be real important in his case.

Both you and B's mom mentioned Mabel's fall but we don't know a thing about that and are sure wondering about it. Did she break a bone or what did happen?

Ann has given up the idea of going to Europe. We don't know why she changed her mind but now she says she wants to go to summer school here instead. She has talked about going to summer school for a long time but we didn't think she really meant it. I guess she did, though. I'd just as soon she'd work this summer and not hurry through school but the church has an assistant minister now and won't need her. I doubt if she could find a job anywhere that would give her as much satisfaction as that one did.

I'm going to send her the joke you sent and I gave the poem to a friend who writes poetry. She was here yesterday for Quill Club. We had an all-day workshop. The women brought sack lunches and I made coffee.

I made a cake too but wasn't really supposed to have anything except my own lunch. This is that Dream Cake people have been talking about or have you seen the recipe? It is delicious and I baked mine in an angel pan.

B is at the office again today but doesn't plan to stay the whole day. We are going to drive to Peoria to a rock shop just for fun.

We probably won't stay long because he wants to work on the dish washer. There is something wrong with the timer."



Sunday, July 26, 2015

January 31, 1970 The Few Nice Days, The Jewelry Class, The Jello Salad, The First Week and The Little African Violet

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Today is such a beautiful spring day but all the dust and dirt really shows. We have been having a few nice days mixed in with the cold and snow so maybe we won't have any more of those long cold spells. January sure went in a hurry but I didn't accomplish much or see many of my friends. I went to Audrey Ross's to Travel Club on Monday but there was a small crowd. Malcolm is on a caving trip in Mexico with some boys from U. of Illinois since he has a few days between semesters. He doesn't come home very often and when he does we seldom see him.

Bob has had this week off between semesters. He made 4 As and 1 B. Isn't that wonderful? If he keeps working this hard he'll do fine in med. school.

In need of polishing!
My jewelry class has started again and a lot of new people have started this semester. I finished a ring this week and it is pretty nice. It is silver and the stone is green. I cut it from a rock so the ring was made from scratch. I finally ordered some files, a saw and a few other things to use at home. There are a lot of little things that take so long to do that I can do without help now that I have a few tools.

We are going to potluck tonight and I have a jello salad already made. Our group will all be together again now that one of the couples is back home. They have been in California a year and a half and are back now but we haven't seen them.

It seems that Maxine should get some lasting help. Maybe if they would let her write without fussing at her she would write her problems out. Maybe she skirts herself off from everyone when she starts writing and daydreams too much. It does sound strange that they don't want her to write.

Yes, I was really glad when that jury duty was over. The first week was all right even if it was cold but after that it was really boring and you couldn't plan one thing because you didn't know whether you'd be needed or not. Of course, the judge never knew either and kept telling us we were not wasting our time but there needs to be a better system of some sort. I don't know what it could be, though, and I've thought about it a lot.

Uncle Floyd is having a time. Maybe he and Aunt Nora will feel better and not be so blue if the weather gets warmer. A nice sunny day can boost my morale lots of times.

That little African Violet you gave me bloomed a long time and quit. It is a pretty plant but I wish it would bloom.

Ann was glad to hear from you. She really enjoyed her long vacation at home but is glad to be back at school. She sounds awfully busy but seems to have time for everything.

Don't rush things, Daddy, by working in the shop before it is warm enough. That's a good way to take cold.

Hope you both are fine."



Saturday, July 25, 2015

January 25, 1970 The Humdinger, The Program, The Below Zero Weather and The Scarf

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"At last we're getting some thawing but we had a big snow yesterday morning when we got up. The wind is high so there is a lot of drifting out of town and some highways are bad in spots. This winter has been a humdinger.

We went to a wedding last night and dreaded to get out but it was a beautiful wedding and we visited with lots of people we don't see very often.

I went to jury duty on Monday and then didn't even have to report anymore. Every afternoon they'd call me about it and finally told me I was dismissed. It was my turn to give the program for As You Like It Club on Thursday but I had arranged for someone to read it if I didn't get there. I was glad I could read it myself.

Ann writes that it has been so cold the kids have been wearing slacks to class. It's a good thing with those short dresses.

I've been sewing on some slacks for Pat. I had bought the material before Christmas but was afraid I couldn't fit her until I did some measuring so will send them one of these days. I'm not hurrying on them. There have been some fabric sales but it has been much too cold and stormy to go shopping so I haven't even looked. The below zero weather is not for me.

I liked the clipping you sent. In spite of its age it is still very up to date, isn't it?

Maxine really has a hard time. She has always had a hectic life and she'll probably spend the rest of her life in and out of the hospital.

I finished B's scarf and have been working on that cross stitched quilt B's mom started. I don't do much at a time so it moves very slowly but I'm in no hurry anyway.

I need to do some entertaining but want to clean the rugs first. They are really a sight after this terrible weather.

B is working at the office today and will tomorrow, too. It is time to start the new semester and that's a busy time around here.

Stay in where it's warm and dry. You've both been pretty lucky this winter so stay that way."

                      Lots of love,