Tuesday, December 1, 2015

September 30, 1972 The Wasted Day, The Opening Luncheon, The Two Dresses, The Old Machine and The Blooming Violets

Dear Mother,

"This has seemed like a long week for some reason and I've done quite a lot. Yesterday was completely wasted on the telephone and I hate days like that.

I'm hostess for Travel Club luncheon on Monday so I've been cleaning. Some other women will help fix the food but I'll be glad when the thing is over. I think there will be 15 but there may be 18 so I have to set places for that many.

I scrubbed and waxed the kitchen floor early in the week and it looks real pretty. It didn't make me sore as it usually does so I was glad of that. This morning I cleaned the bathroom and washed those curtains so it looks fresh.

As You Like It Club had its opening luncheon on Thursday and that was real nice. The day was beautiful and we met at a camp at the lake. It is a permanent place where the churches and other organizations have summer camps so it is real nice.

The rest of the week I've spent sewing. I made two dresses and have them ready to wear. The weather will have to be cool for me to be comfortable because both have long sleeves. It has been quite cool and there was a bit of frost last night.

We picked all the big tomatoes--even green ones in hopes they will ripen. The plants seemed all right this morning so maybe the others will still ripen.

I forgot to tell you I gave my old machine to the church. We advertised it and the one call I had was from one of our church women. The church was looking for one so I told her to come and get it. Her husband has a small truck so he came after it. The women sew for needy groups but I have never gone to help.

My quilt is all embroidered and sewed together. It is very pretty and I hope I can get it quilted this winter. I don't have the back fixed or the batting but could get that ready pretty fast. I'm going to start an afghan now and that will be slow since it has to be done by a chart. It looks real pretty in the picture.

Beulah will have a birthday next week. I have a piece of dress material for her but didn't get it mailed yesterday as I planned. I didn't even get a piece of jewelry started for her but I'll do that sometime. I wonder how long it would take me to do all the things I have planned or want to do if I didn't do anything else. I'm afraid I'd never get finished. People who never have anything to do really puzzle me.
I wish I could be in Richland while Ann is there. We could all have fun.

B is washing the windows this afternoon. He went to the office this morning and brought a briefcase home at noon. He works on school things every night after supper and never catches up.

My violets are all blooming but each one has only one or two stems of flowers. They are sure pretty things. In the spring I started an avocado tree from a seed and it is waist high now. It has been on the porch all summer but now that the nights are so cold I had to bring it in. I don't know how long it will stay pretty.

I want to write to Beulah so I'd better stop and get that done. Hope you are fine."



Monday, November 30, 2015

September 23, 1972 The Marvelous Day, The Kitchen Woodwork, The Pink Polyester Shirtwaist, The Pretty Quilts and The Kindergarten Kid

Dear Mother,

"Fall has come right on the proper date. Yesterday was a marvelous day but it is raining now. We have had so much rain lately that toadstools keep coming up in our front yard. I picked a quart or more one morning.

I had my annual physical exam yesterday and I am fine. He always gives me an assortment of blood tests besides a chest x-ray and electro-cardiogram. While I was there I made an appointment for B to have an exam too. He's fine but hasn't had an exam in a long time.

I finally got my kitchen woodwork washed and will do the floor next week sometime. That is so hard and takes most of a day to give it a good coat of wax.

Classes started this week so B has been terribly busy and my time is always full, too. I had a committee meeting here one day for Travel Club and went to Audrey's for coffee one morning. I've been cutting out some things for myself but didn't get finished yesterday so the dining table is a mess. I'm going to make a pink shirtwaist out of polyester. It is really spring material but a bright pink and quite heavy. The sleeves will be long so I think it will be all right for fall. I haven't made anything new for myself and don't have much to wear right now. It's always a hard time to dress when one day is hot and the next one chilly.

I'd love to have the pink quilt if you want to give it to me. You know me--I'll take any of them. The yellow will be very pretty. It would be a hard job to say which one is prettiest if you put all you've made in a row. I love my red one and I think Bob's, with the red & green, is awfully pretty but so is Ann's pink one. They are all pretty. This pink one isn't the one Beulah got in Lebanon, is it? That seems like awfully fast work. Maybe you'd like to do another tablecloth if I ever get to Lee Wards again--or do some pillowcases.

Bob & Pat are going to stay with the children from Oct. 8 - 18 so they won't be here for awhile. Ann called yesterday to tell me of her plans so you'll be seeing her before you get this.

Our tomatoes are still ripening but this cool weather will slow them down. There are lots of big, green ones so I hope frost doesn't come too soon.

My jewelry class met the first time this week and I am so pleased. The teacher is German and is a real jeweler and seems to be an excellent teacher. The first class was for the beginners so I knew most of it but I also learned some things, too. And I'll be using some of Daddy's tools that I hadn't known how to use before.  I'm real excited about the class and had to buy a few things like drawing paper, a compass and such. B said I was like a kindergarten kid getting ready for school.

I noticed he helped me find the things in the store, though. Last night we bought 5 lbs. of lead to make a block for shaping metal--found it in a plumbing department. The man must have thought I was a little cuckoo. I have to melt it down and make it into a flat plate.

I'd better get my sewing collected. It will soon be noon and I've done a dozen odd jobs this morning instead of finishing things I've started."



Sunday, November 29, 2015

September 16, 1972 The Thick Traffic, The Long Day, The Wonderful Flavor, The Heavy Book and The 6" of Rain

Dear Mother,

"The students are back so the town has come to life. Traffic is thick so I don't want to go out any more than I have to. B has to work in the office today even though Bob & Pat are here.

They came last night and seemed tired. It has been several weeks since they have been here. Pat's mother & brother visited them for a week but we didn't see them.

Ann left early Thurs. morning on the bus so it was a very long day. I was so lonesome for her but sure enjoyed having her here. It was like her college days and several girls came or called. Polly ate supper with her one night when we had to go to another retirement dinner. Ann's mouth healed quickly but the gums were still tender of course and she had to be careful about eating.

We finished her pant suit & got her a sweater to wear with it and it looked awfully cute. She still has some clothes at home and we hemmed up a dress which she wore home.

It is suddenly fall around here but I haven't had time to think much about clothes. I don't intend to buy anything but do have to get things out of the storage closets.

Our tomatoes just don't ripen but there are lots on the vines. We bought some from a farm yesterday and they don't look very good but they have a wonderful flavor. I never have understood why the stores don't buy from the farmers when they have so many. Maybe they have to agree to buy vegetables all year in order to get winter vegetables.

The green quilt will be pretty. Ann said she hoped I've give her my red one sometime. It is pretty. I have it on our bed now and she was helping me make the bed. I went to see my quilting lady last week and took Beulah's top to her. She was working on one but kept it and said she'd get to it one of these days. She isn't going to add any more to her list but I sure hope she does all of mine for me. I really want her to do the one I've been working on all summer and it shouldn't take too much longer. I keep thinking that but the gold thread is so hard to work with. It twists & stretches if you pull too hard. It will be beautiful, though.

Ladybird's book is an awfully heavy book. Maybe you could prop it up on a pillow. It really is a good book so take your time and just read when you really want to. That's the way to enjoy it.

Georges probably go to Padre Island in Texas for their vacations. It is a national seashore park and I've always wanted to go there but we never have. It sounds a lot like Cape Hatteras.

Polly came and visited a long time one evening after Ann left. She brought me a zebra plant that is blooming and a slip of another plant. I had given her a piece of the rubber plant you gave me so long ago. It is still pretty. She wears her hair long & curly and it is very becoming.

We had almost 6" of rain one night this week so everything is still soggy. I don't think I ever heard such thunder before.

I'd better get to work. I never seem to get much done."



NOTE:  The red quilt belongs to my niece who graciously photographed it for us!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

September 9, 1972 The Students, The Stitches, The Psychology, The Buttonholes and The Olympics

Dear Mother,

"This has been a busy week. B's work had piled up while he was gone, of course, so he's been up to his ears in it. I suppose he'll have to spend most of the weekend in the office for the first group of students are coming in today.

Ann had her other two wisdom teeth out Wednesday morning and it was easier than last time. She hasn't had much pain at all and has felt fine except she can't chew. Her face is still swollen some. He'll take the stitches out next Wed. and Ann hopes he'll dismiss her. She's wanting to go home but we still don't know how she'll go.

Bob K. started his work with a training period and he's had to be on guard duty two nights. I suppose they have them do this so they know how the place is run. He hasn't really gotten into the psychology part at all yet.

Ann has seen or talked to several of her friends. Polly came one evening but she has to go to work by 7:30 every morning so doesn't have much time or pep left for anything. You know how she used to sleep. She works in the hospital. I think she's a nurses' aide.

We spent the week making Ann a pantsuit and I thought I'd never get it done. It is a regular, lined jacket so there was a lot of detail. I still don't know how to use the machine. It sews beautifully but if I do anything different--like buttonholes--I have to follow the book step by step.

There is going to be a jewelry class this fall with a new teacher so I have signed up for it. I don't know him at all but I hope he is good.

We haven't heard from Bob & Pat but I suppose they are o.k. Ann hoped they'd come down this weekend. She gets a little bored just watching T.V. We have done a lot of that--mostly the Olympics.

It is really fall-like--even sounds that way. I haven't had time to put away my light shoes yet and get out some others. The church is having a bazaar so I baked wheat germ bread for them.

I thought you knew that B had turned on your furnace to see if it was o.k. It was real quiet so I think you have the problem solved. If it should start popping again just call the man. I don't think you'll have much more real hot weather and fall is a wonderful time of the year.

I'm glad Aunt Nora is finally feeling better. She looked terrible and is so thin. Maybe she will be all right.

I'm washing this morning so I'd better go check the machine. It is so nice to have Ann around but we don't get much done.

It was nice to be home and nice to see everyone. Hope all the noise didn't bother you or make you too tired."



NOTES:  The Olympics of 1972 were marred by the tragic massacre of Israeli athletes early in the morning on Sept. 5.  For more information about the events:  http://www.nps.gov/dabe/tragedy-in-munich.htm

On a humorous note, our Mom said of Sammy Davis, Jr., "I enjoy his music and I used to like him until he hugged Nixon. There's no person on earth who I'd rather hug less than Richard Nixon."

Finally, the "guard duty" was part of Bob K.'s internship experience at The U.S. Medical Prison for Federal Prisoners.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

August 18, 1972 The Early Letter, The Steamy Weather, The Stuffed Quilt, The Moving Boy and The Kitchen Work

Dear Mother,

"This should be a little earlier than usual but I thought I'd better write before the children come. I don't get much of anything done when they are here and I sure don't want to miss anything.  Bob & Pat will be here for supper tonight and I guess Bob & Ann will be here sometime tomorrow night. At least, they haven't called so we hope they are on the road. They were to get the truck early this morning and hoped to be started by noon.

We still don't know how long they will be here but probably just overnight and then they will go to Marshall to get some more furniture before going to Springfield.

After they are all gone we plan to drive toward Toledo and then up the east side of Michigan. We think we'll go to Dearborn Village but that's the only thing we have in mind. We really just want to relax for a few days and will probably be back home Friday. We'll write some cards along the way.

My sewing machine is sure nice. I haven't had a chance to give it much of a try-out but I think I'm really going to enjoy it. The cabinet looks better than I thought it would, too. My old one still sews pretty well and someone could get a lot of good out of it but I don't know whether I can sell it or not. When things settle down I'll advertise it in the paper & see what happens.

Our tomatoes are doing fine now. This hot, steamy weather seems to be good for them. They are high in the store but they never did get reasonable last year. I haven't seen the rabbits for quite a while. They probably hide out while it is so hot but they don't bother the flowers any more.

How many tops do you have finished now? Why don't you piece a quilt for a change? I get rather bored with my cross-stitch and think it would be fun to piece something colorful. I have looked for the pattern of that $2500. quilt but haven't found it and probably won't. It looked as if it was sort of stuffed as it was pieced and I don't think it was quilted. I wish I had examined it better. Long ago I saw a quilt that was made that way (in a magazine) but it was a different pattern and I didn't save the pattern. Quilt making is becoming very popular and the book stores have lots of books on it. I looked thru a few in Chicago Wednesday but didn't have much time. We went to get B some fall clothes so spent most of the day getting that done. He needs a raincoat too, but we'll have to look for that later. His old one can still be worn awhile but it looks pretty shabby.

Ann & Bob both had birthdays this week. Time sure flies. She was 22 and he was 25. We'll have a cake for them when they get home.

We thought the house north of us had been sold but I guess the deal fell thru because there is a new sign up. Maybe it will be full of students this fall. I thought I saw a boy moving in his clothes one day and there is a light at night but I never see anyone around.

I hope it isn't as hot there as it is here. The humidity is so high your clothes feel damp when you go outside.

I guess I'd better get started on my kitchen work."



Wednesday, November 25, 2015

August 12, 1972 The Steaming Heat, The Wisdom Teeth, The Gentle Person, The Embroidery Whiz and The Sewing Machine

Dear Mother,

"We're steaming again. It has rained a lot but the hot sun is out so it is very hot. Bob & Pat will be getting home sometime tomorrow. We had some cards from them and they weren't really ready to come home. They were having too good a time.

B's vacation is supposed to start Wednesday but he has to be back at school for a meeting Thursday so it is a silly kind of vacation. We think we'll go to Chicago on Wednesday though, to look for him some fall clothes. Ann & Bob will be coming Sat. or Sun. so we won't try to go anywhere until after they go to Springfield. Then we will have 3 or 4 days before they come back to have Ann's wisdom teeth out. We may go up into Michigan during that time so B can get away from school completely. If we stay here the telephone will ring all of the time.

I dread Ann's dental work but she doesn't seem a bit concerned. She's going to be very uncomfortable for a few days I know, but I'm glad she'll be here where I can take care of her.

This has been a sad week for us. One of our young friends died following childbirth and it was a terrible jolt for all of us. There was something about a blood clot blocking circulation to the brain. She had a little boy and he is fine. It was their first child. They were Catholic so the funeral was real long but the priest was a very gentle person and the family seemed to accept it all.

You are a whiz with your embroidery. I seem so slow and wanted to finish my quilt so badly before the fall rush starts. I don't know whether I can or not.

I just finished cutting out part of a dress (the skirt) so I'll be wanting to sew on it. It's going to be a long dress. I don't have one and so many are being worn now to school affairs. I thought I should have one for fall. This skirt is like Joseph's coat. It is striped and all bright colors so I'm going to put a plain dark top on it--probably navy. I bought the striped material some time ago and planned a shirtwaist but decided it would make a pretty, long dress.

B bought me a new sewing machine this week but it won't be delivered until Tuesday. I'll be wanting to try it out right away. He said I could have anyone I wanted since this will be the last one I'll probably ever buy and I chose a Sears.

We looked and shopped and I always went back to the Sears. It can do some kinds of button holes & other things that even the Singer can't. We had hoped to just buy a new head and fit it in the old cabinet because the new ones just aren't as nice as ours are but it wouldn't work that way. The new cabinet isn't very pretty but maybe it will look better when I get it polished up. I'll try to sell the old one.

We thought the house next door was sold but I guess the deal didn't go thru. There is a new sign up. The yard has been neglected and looks pretty bad.

This has been a busy week. I got a permanent, went to a luncheon one day and a dinner another besides making Pat's dress. I have a snap to sew on it and had better do it before I completely forget it.

I hope you are fine and that it isn't too hot there."



 NOTE:  The sewing machine was not the last one Dad bought for Mom. This one is in my basement, in mint condition because Mom took extraordinarily good care of everything she owned and I've never used it. Maybe when the blog is finished I'll learn to sew once and for all.