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December 3, 1968 The Last Minute, The Good Time, The Peoria Airport and There Isn't Any News

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm running late for everything this week. I was even late to Sunday School this morning & I had to teach. Ann planned to wait until after S.S. to start back to Fulton but it started to snow & she wanted to get started so I just stayed home helping her until the last minute.

She was almost ready to go when I went on to S.S. The weather looks better now & the highways are probably all right but she'll call us when she gets there. She was picking up a girl in Springfield so didn't have far to go alone. I have a teachers' meeting at church this afternoon but B will stay home & wait till she calls.

She had a good time seeing all her friends and catching up on the news. The time went so fast but she'll be back Dec. 19 & that isn't long off.

All of us enjoyed our short visit in St. Louis. It was nice for all of us to sit down together for Thanksgiving but it hardly seemed as if we've been there. I just didn't get to visit with you at all but I'm thankful we could go & get back home safely.

I'll try to write to Beulah soon. I have so many things coming up I don't see how they are going to fit in but I guess they'll get done some way.

Wheelers will be here next weekend so I'll be very late with my letter--probably won't get to write until they leave on Monday. Jim is going to give a talk for a meeting here on campus so Eve is coming with him. We'll meet them at the Peoria Airport Friday afternoon & they'll stay with us. We're going to try to ask some people in to see them on Sunday, probably.

I'm anxious to hear what Charlotte found out at the doctor. I wish she'd find what's wrong. She is sick too much.

There isn't any news so I'd better get a few things done before my meeting. I never get much done before lunch on Sunday.

Hope you both are fine."



NOTE:  If you want to watch the Elvis special:

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

November 24, 1968 The Nice Change, The Nice Things, The Grey Taffeta, The Wonderful Autumn Day and The Most Boring Professor

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We got home about 8:30 Thursday evening after a wonderful trip. It was cold and windy with snow on the ground while we were there but it was a nice change from all the running we do all of the time so we enjoyed it.

B had meetings most of the time so I either stayed in the motel or sat in the lounge of the building where the meetings were. I took some writing and my knitting and the time flew by. People kept coming through the room and stopped to visit. I got most of my Christmas cards addressed but didn't try to write any of the letters. I thought it was a little early for that.

We drove around the outside of the Notre Dame campus and saw some nice things but it was too cold to take the walking tour with a guide so we missed a lot, I know.

I had another note from Margie and we still plan to go there for Thanksgiving dinner. I hope you can go. The new highway makes it a quicker trip than it used to be and I think you'd be all right and not be too tired if you feel all right that morning. You and Daddy will have to be the judge of that but I think it would be good for all of us if you go.

I'm ashamed to say I haven't answered Beulah's letter that she wrote the day before we took the car to Ann and came by to see all of you. That's the only one I've had.

I expect Ann home Wednesday evening and I think she's real anxious to come. I have a grey taffeta dress made for her and hope she likes it. But I know she will. Today I've been sewing on a white wool for myself that I cut out over a year ago. It will be out of style if I don't get it together.

Today has been a wonderful autumn day. B worked outside all afternoon--raked, cleaned the gutters and mowed the lawn for the last time this fall. The yard looks nice. We've ordered some wood for the fireplace and plan to enjoy it. Bob & Pat tried to find wood around here last Christmas for a fire so we thought we'd have some this year. Bob has some good grades this time but was proud of his A in physics. He said it's an awful class with the most boring professor he ever had. He could hardly believe the A. Did I tell you he was hoping to do research at school again next summer? One of his profs is applying for grants at 3 places so they hope they'll get one of them. It would be the Petroleum Research Foundation.

I think we can all go to Margie's if we try a little extra hard. Ann will be tired from the drive home & then right back but she said o.k. I suppose the turkeys can't be left but Jerry can take care of them alone for one day. It seems impossible for every one of us to get together at one time and I don't suppose it will ever happen unless Bob & Pat come back closer to home.

We'll all be hoping the weather will be nice and we'll be seeing you."

                          Lots of love,


NOTE: Believe it or not, "literature-themed" clothes were very popular in the fall of '68, as can be seen in the examples above from the Ladies Home Journal, September, 1968. The "Lorna Doone" dress was Mom's inspiration for the grey taffeta dress, and it was indeed a great dress.

Monday, May 25, 2015

November 17, 1968 The Last Football Game, The Notre Dame Meeting, The Grey Taffeta Dress and The Regular Checks

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It's a cold, rainy day. ISU is playing its last football game for the year but I sure didn't want to go in this.

I hope the weather doesn't stay bad because we're going to South Bend, Indiana on Tuesday & stay until Thursday. B has a meeting at Notre Dame so I'm going along. I may take my Xmas cards & address them because I won't go to the meetings with him. It will be nice to be away from the telephone.

Ann called this week besides writing several times. I sent her a white wool dress & she was so happy to get it she had to tell me so. She was wearing a summer dress when we were there because she had to wear white for the chorus & that's all she had. So I got some wool jersey & used a pattern I knew fit & just sent it to her.

She was surprised & so happy. I have a gray taffeta cut out for her but haven't told her about it either because I don't know when I'll get it finished. She doesn't have many real dressy things & I thought she'd need them around the holidays. She was going to Rolla to some things this weekend.

I actually got a dress finished for myself this week. It is just a cheap dress I can wear to Quill Club or clean up in.

I had the rest of my physical exam this week. The Dr. keeps adding more tests to my record & I sure think he knows all about me now. He says everyone over 40 should do this & he just keeps at it until his record is complete. This week I had x-rays of the kidneys, bowels, stomach & gall bladder. I think that will be the last except regular checks on my blood. The tests weren't bad but it took most of two mornings.

It's almost suppertime & I've got to wash my hair so I'd better get it done.

Hope you both are fine."




Sunday, May 24, 2015

November 10, 1968 The Snow, The Photographer's Window, The Whole Idea, The First Family and The Exciting Election

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It has been snowing the last two days but it melts as fast as it falls.  The red & orange leaves are still on lots of the bushes & trees so things are still pretty. The woods were still beautiful last Sunday when we went to Fulton. I can't remember what I told you on the card but we went on 54 so we could get some apples at Stark's. That is a beautiful drive because it crosses both the Illinois & Missouri Rivers. It goes thru a lot of little towns & B hates to drive it but it's nice to look at.

We got to Fulton a little after 1:00 p.m. just in time to go to the President's tea for parents. He had the flu but we met a lot of Ann's teachers. I didn't have a chance to change clothes & went in that blue jacket dress you've seen me wear so much & my low walking heels. It didn't matter anyway. It was so hot everyone looked wilted. It turned cold Saturday though & rained the rest of the time. Ann's roommate's parents couldn't come so she went everywhere with us. Friday night we went to Columbia and got one of Ann's classmates from Normal (she goes to Stephens) & we all went out to eat. The girls wanted to visit so B & I window shopped while they went to the dorm & visited for awhile. We saw Jeanette's? picture in a photographer's window display. I don't even know how to spell her name.

Jim Bishop's book about the day Kennedy was shot is ready to come out or already has. I had hoped he'd given up the whole idea because Mrs. Kennedy had begged him not to write it soon after Kennedy was shot & Bishop had announced he was going to. I, for one, will not buy it & do not want to read it because he was so ugly about it at the time.

You are the first family I ever knew to be interviewed by any of the big name pollsters. In fact, I always wondered how they had their polls made. You gave her a good answer on Jackie. Elizabeth Taylor was the one person who put the reporters in their places when so many nasty remarks were being made about the wedding. I don't remember the questions about Onassis she was asked but it wasn't very nice. She glared at the reporter and said, "Have you met him? He's the kindest man I ever met." My respect for Elizabeth Taylor went up a bit.

Is Uncle Floyd home yet? I thought I'd write him a card but things stacked up on the desk & it slipped my mind. One of our old teachers died this week & we had to go to the funeral. Toni sat with us & I asked her to come home with me. She looked so lonesome but she was happier when she left. She just talked a blue streak about Watty so I was glad she came.

What hospital is Ruby in? No one ever says so I still haven't sent her a card.

I had women here for lunch both Mon. & Tues.  A well-known children's author was here to speak at the Methodist Church so Quill Club invited her to have lunch with us. They came here but I just made coffee & set the table. They brought the food & it's a good thing I didn't have to cook because the phone rang all morning. I sure didn't do any cleaning. It was the first time I ever had a party without dusting.

The election was really exciting. We spent most of the evening watching. I went to bed at mid-night but B watched till 3:00 a.m. That was when Humphrey went to bed so B figured he could give up then, too. I still admire the vice-president. I think he's a wise and fine person. May God grant that Nixon will prove to be the same.

We had a letter from Marjorie today asking us to come for Thanksgiving. We hope we can go & will at least, begin to plan that way. She says her Mom & Dad are both doing fine. Buddy is working ½ days. She has talked to Charlotte so let's all try this time.

I must write to Bob so bye for now."



NOTE: The food section of the Ladies Home Journal featured author Truman Capote and "The Thanksgiving Visitor", Capote's story to be shown for the first time on T.V. See below:

 Watch election coverage below:

Saturday, May 23, 2015

November 4, 1968 The Parents' Weekend

Dear Mother & Daddy,    Sunday Evening

"We left early Friday & spent the weekend with Ann so didn't get our letters written.  Friday was hot, but beautiful & the trees are still pretty.  Saturday was cooler & rain started mid-afternoon. It got colder & colder & was still raining a little when we left.

There was a lot planned for parents & lots of parents were there.

We met several of Ann's teachers & heard Ann play for the chorus that sang. She hasn't lost her touch a bit & we were so proud of her.

Her roommate's parents couldn't come so she spent the time with us.  Her name is Bonnie. She was in the horse show so we went to that--watched it with Kathleen Neukomm and her family.  We didn't go see Lessie but Ann wanted us to. We'll do that another time."



Friday, May 22, 2015

October 27, 1968 Humphrey, Nixon, Dixon & B

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We're having another beautiful day but there have been some ugly ones. I told you last weekend was homecoming & it turned out to be a gorgeous day after rain being predicted. We went to the football game an hour early but over half of the seats were already full. Over 20,000 saw that game. We came right home to watch the college bowl and were sorry our boys didn't win but they made a good showing. They were ahead mid-way in the program but a few missed questions really puts a team behind in a hurry. I always enjoyed that show and I wish they'd left it on Sunday. I don't have much chance to watch on Saturday.

We have watched quite a bit this week. We saw the Humphrey hour but I didn't even know Nixon was to have one until it was all over.

I'm sending an editorial that I think is quite good. It is special for another reason because it is unheard of for our paper here to endorse a Democrat. This is a Republican stronghold and always votes for the party no matter how stupid the candidate. I am not afraid for Nixon to be president, although I don't think he'd make a very good one, but I am afraid for Spiro Agnew to be vice-president. Imagine him in the Whitehouse! One bullet could put him there if he becomes our elected vice-president. The U.S. had better give this some deep thought before we vote for him.

Bob & Pat have become real interested in their family trees. They have been looking up things in the library there & Bob says that library is really good for that sort of thing.

Do you know what Bessie found out in her hospital tests? I keep thinking I'll hear from them but they probably don't have the pep to write.

I'll save Jeane Dixon's article but I almost wish she'd quit broadcasting her predictions. It doesn't do us any good to know that stuff ahead of time & it is upsetting to read some of it. I'm sure lots of people must really believe every word and worry about it. I promptly forget it so I'll have to save the article to know if any of it comes true.

I was surprised, like everyone else, about Jackie's wedding but I think the reporters ought to be ashamed of themselves for saying so many nasty things about it. I think they are all peeved because she didn't tell them every little detail ahead of time. I agree with Cardinal Cushing that it is her life & she deserves some happiness. If Onassis can give her that then let him lavish his millions on her. She's had enough unhappiness. Time had a long article that was the fairest thing I've read. I'll save it for you.

I've been picking out walnuts in front of T.V. this week and have about 1/2 gal. of goodies. B cracked all of them for me so I'll keep working at them. It's wonderful to have them to cook with. We had to keep them inside the garage to dry & had to keep the door shut because the squirrels found them. They can carry them off in a hurry.

As I have time I'm going to start baking & freezing for Christmas. It's going to be here before we know it. I have quite a bit of room in my freezer now so I'm going to make use of it.

Did you ever do anything about a refrigerator? I didn't think about it when we were there.

I'm gradually getting a few things done which have been waiting for months & more. This week I repotted my Christmas cactus but I don't suppose I'll ever get all of the things done. There are two chairs in the basement which I want to recover but I never get at it.

B is working in the yard & I'd better get the kitchen mopped.

Hope you both are fine."

                    Lots of love,


NOTE: If interested, read Jeane Dixon's predictions below:

Thursday, May 21, 2015

October 19, 1968 The Snappy Day, The Short Visit, The Box of Walnuts and The Quill Club

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Today is homecoming here so we have been to the parade. It's a beautiful, snappy day so there is a big crowd in town. We will go to the football game after lunch. There are lots of things going on but we aren't going to anything else.

I suppose Ann got to Richland o.k. At least, she was planning to go when she called us Friday noon. She seems to think she can call & talk to us as if she were across town. Apparently, the other kids do that but I don't think that it helps them learn to be independent.

We enjoyed our short visit at home and were glad we got to see everyone. Buddy & Bessie look pretty good. Marjorie & Roger were there doing their laundry so it was nice to see them too. Buddy seems bored with his idleness but didn't say when he'd go back to work. Bessie was planning to take part in some Eastern Star stuff before she went back to the hospital on Thursday. Buddy is just beginning to find out how sick he was and she says he still gets upset when he looks at the cards he got. I don't know whether he has seen all of them yet, or not. We stayed a long time and they seemed glad to see us.

It stopped raining on us before we got to Pacific & the rest of the day was pretty nice. I put on a raincoat & picked up a big box of walnuts in B's mom's yard before we left. They are all hulled & dry but I haven't cracked any yet.

Your letter just came and I hope you feel better now, Mother. You had better leave the yard alone.

I had Quill Club here yesterday so have the house all clean for once. It has been a busy week but I don't seem to get much done. I work on my quilt top in the evenings & there sure is a lot of embroidery on it.

We're going to a tea tomorrow so I've got to wash my hair after the game today.

I have to teach Sunday School in the morning but I sure wish I could get out of that. It makes it hard to go out of town & wish the kids gone we might get to go a few more places on Sunday.

It's almost lunch time so I'll say bye for now."

                        Lots of love,


NOTE:  Many years ago Mom & I got a chuckle out of this letter. She said, "I guess I shouldn't have said to call anytime!"  After a few months, I stopped calling and she starting calling me, but long distance calls were expensive and quite short!