Friday, February 12, 2016

March 9, 1974 The Old Quilts, The Needlepoint Pillow, The Jewelry Projects, The Sandwich and The Weather

Dear Mother,

"I just came home from giving my program on quilts to the Golden Age Club. It was a real nice group of both men and women. Some of them had brought old quilts. One (over 100 years old) was made by the woman's mother. It was a flower garden but the blocks were half the size of the usual block so it was real dainty. The quilt wasn't bound but was finished with a narrow buttonhole stitch all around. I don't know whether I like that or not but the work was real neat. I took three of my quilts to show. That is all I could get in 1 suitcase.

B's mom sent the picture of Sid and Charla from the Mirror. It really is a good picture. She is such a nice girl. They seem to be well matched.

I'm glad you've finished the quilts. You'd better rest awhile before you start something else. I shouldn't say a thing, though, because I sure have to keep something going. I finished my needlepoint pillow and it looks real pretty.

I cut my suit out this week but must use my time for my jewelry projects since there are only a few classes. This is a busy time to take a class but I'm always afraid this teacher won't have it any more.

The weather has been real warm for two days and everything is growing like crazy. I hope we don't get a freeze to kill things.

Bob is working in the wards now and really likes it. I'm not sure what it means but I guess he "doctors" any ward patient. He says it is real hard work but very interesting. There are probably a great variety of ailments.

We are planning to come to Richland next Friday (15th) and come back Sunday (17th). We'll leave here in the morning, eat our dinner along the way and be there sometime between 4 and 5. It is going to take longer than usual since we can't drive over 55. We won't need anything much for supper--just a sandwich so you and B's mom can decide where you want us to be. It is our turn to stay with her but if her back is bothering her maybe she'll consent for us to stay with you.

Either way is fine with us so you plan with her. Ann and Bob may come to Richland on Saturday but we don't plan to go thru Columbia even if they don't. I sure would like to see them but we have to use our gas as best we can.

I hope your weather is nice and that you are fine. Don't work in the yard too much the first time. That is always a temptation.

We will call if something comes up and we have to change our plans."



NOTE: For a humorous review of the gas crisis, listen below.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

March 3, 1974 The Pretty Card, The Shopping Mall, The Warm Weather, The 8¢ Postage and The High Gas

Dear Mother,

"I had a lovely birthday yesterday and thanks so much for the pretty card and the check. I'll probably use it for some materials for my jewelry class which starts next week. I don't think I'll have to buy much and I certainly don't want to buy any gold. The price is so high it is just silly. Last week it was $188.15 an ounce and when I started my first jewelry class it was $42, I think or a little less.

I have lots of birthday cards and Ann called me. That was a treat. She is fine and really sounded fine. Bob & Pat had given me a casserole when we were in Chicago. It is yellow and very nice. B gave me some earrings. We had seen them in the hotel last week but I didn't dream he'd buy them. The Hilton has several little shops with real pretty things.

We went to a play Thursday night but didn't do anything but watch TV last night. I went out to the shopping mall yesterday afternoon to see a craft show but didn't see anything very interesting. There was a lot of pottery and leather belts and most everything else was bazaar type stuff like pot holders and knitted things.

My needlepoint pillow is all worked and I'm blocking it now. I wet it for the third time this morning to get it straight. When I took it off the board it still looked a little crooked. It is funny how mine work so lop-sided.

Today is supposed to be sunny and mild. It really looks like spring and the buds on the trees are big and fat. A few days of warm weather and the blooms would pop out. We may wash some windows later today. My hair is wet and I don't want to get out until it dries some.

Can Uncle Francis be up any? They sure have had a bad time.

I had a nice card and letter from Beulah but haven't had time to answer. I guess I should have written a lot of letters yesterday while I could still send them for 8¢.

We still can buy gas. It is terribly high and the stations were supposed to be short this weekend. we don't need any so I don't know if they really are. I think all of this gas and oil business is make-believe. It doesn't make sense that oil companies are making so much profit if there is such a scarcity of it. I'm beginning to think Simon doesn't know very much. I guess time will tell.

B has come from the office so I'd better get a little lunch. Hope you are fine and that it is really getting warm there."



NOTES:  This post is the letter #1,605 and the postage rate increase on March 2, 1974 was only the 4th one since 1941 (from 3¢ - 10¢).  From this point on, it began to rise every few years.

For a look at the ABC fall line-up of TV programs in 1974, take a look below and scroll across until you find something of interest.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 23, 1974 The Restful Week, The Pearl Earrings, The Terrible Storm, The Growing Family and The Jello Salad

Dear Mother,

"B has gone to his last meeting and I have everything packed up so we hope to be on our way home by noon. It has been a restful week for me. I have seen several people I know but all of them were busy in their meetings so I've browsed around by myself. There wasn't any place to go or anything to do when we were at the Howard Johnsons but it was a beautiful new motel and we had a huge room with TV. So I read and worked on my needlepoint. There was a magazine stand so I didn't have any problem entertaining myself.

We came downtown Wednesday and got here about noon. On the way down we stopped at a couple of stores and I got some beads and stuff for my jewelry work. B was free until evening so he went downtown with me. I have some nice pearl earrings we bought in Japan so we went to a jeweler to see if he can fix them for my pierced ears. We hope he can put a little ruby in each one and that will be my birthday present.

I won't have them for my birthday but that doesn't matter. I had all day Thursday to browse around so I spent a lot of time just looking. It started raining when I started back to the hotel and I got soaked even though I could cut through a lot of stores. I soon dried out and my coat didn't seem to be hurt a bit.

Bob came by on his way home from work and then we picked up Pat & went to dinner together. It was such a nasty, wet evening we came home early.

They are fine but he is still a little hoarse, I think, from his flu. It sure made him sick and Pat said he was goofy enough to go to work anyway and then she had to go get him. He says he's fine now and there isn't anything to take for the flu except aspirin and water.

I guess you heard over the radio about the terrible storm that hit here yesterday morning. When we woke up it was snowing and the wind was blowing a gale. I stayed in the hotel of course, and by afternoon the sun was out and the snow was gone except for slush. There were 50 mile an hour winds in the morning and it actually blew people off their feet and windows out. I never dreamed it was so bad until we heard the news.

The sun is out today and it looks nice outdoors but it is real cold.

Rose Kennedy has some articles about her family in the last two issues of Woman's Day that are very interesting so I'll save them for you. The family sounds like any growing family for all their money and she tells some things that I remember my own kids doing--such as stringing their clothes all over the house.

We have to go to a potluck supper tonight so I'll have to stop at the grocery store. I have to take a salad and it will have to be a tossed one, I guess. I sure couldn't get a jello salad to set in time. That is what most people take because they are easier and cheaper to make.

I must stop and write Ann a note. B should be here before long. The speaker this morning was Eliot Richardson and that should be good.

Hope you are fine."



NOTE: Read this for information on Eliot Richardson.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 16, 1974 The Comforter, The Bug, The Gas, The Lobby and The Driving

Dear Mother,

"My comforter is all done and it sure is pretty. It took longer to finish it than I thought it would but I just let everything else go until I got it done. I know it will be warm.

We had letters from the children this week. Ann is back at school but is still taking medicine. She said that bug really took her pep. She had made cupcakes for her kids and I guess they had a Valentine's party.

Bob & Pat are fine but they are having trouble getting gas just like everyone else in Chicago. They are still having lots of snow so have ridden the train part of the time. Pat has to change several times and it takes almost twice as long to get to school as it does to drive.

They had been babysitting but didn't comment on it so I don't know how they enjoyed it.

B & I went to a dinner in Eureka last night honoring the college president. He has been there 20 years and it was a nice affair. B has gone back to a board meeting this morning. Thursday night we went to a play at school and are going to a concert tonight. It is almost too much for one week.

On Monday we are going to Chicago. B has two meetings so we'll be there until Saturday afternoon. Monday and Tuesday nights we'll be at the Howard Johnson's International Motor Inn. The phone is 312-671-6000 and then from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday noon we'll be at the Conrad Hilton Hotel. B could be paged at either place if you need to get in touch with us. There won't be anything for me to do at the Howard Johnsons so I'll just read or do my needlepoint.  It is fun to just sit in the lobby and watch people. When we go to the Hilton I can shop for it is right downtown and I can walk where I want to go.

You never did tell me what happened to Aunt Nora. How did she hurt herself? B's mom finally wrote about Mae Sellers and she really had a fall, didn't she? You be very careful when you go to the basement.

I did my driving for H.E.L.P. yesterday--took a girl and her baby to the doctor. These trips take a long time because I take them back home and that means waiting a long time. I did go to the grocery store yesterday while she was seeing the doctor so that helped but it isn't always close to a grocery story.

I'd better get dressed and get the bed made. I haven't done a thing this morning but write to Ann."



Monday, February 8, 2016

February 9, 1974 The Better Weather, The Older Women, The Oil Company Profits, The Summer Dress and The Book Club

Dear Mother,

"Here I am under the hair dryer again, but I'm at home this time. I never go to a beauty shop unless I need a permanent and sometimes a haircut. My hair is so hard to curl now that it takes a half day to get a permanent.

The weather is bad again and I guess yours is too. Today seems better, though, with the sun out so maybe the temperature will go up a bit.

I gave my quilt program again Thursday but sure hated to get out that day. The Mustang was covered with ice when we got up and it took over an hour to get the windows cleared but by afternoon it was pretty nice outside and there was just slush on the streets. There is still ice on the walk though.

There was a club meeting notice in the paper listing my program so I've been getting calls about it. I've been asked to give it three more times but one can't be until next fall. In March I'm giving it for the Golden Age Club which should be real interesting. I don't know much about the group except it is for anyone over 60 so I suppose that includes men. It should be fun for the older women will have a lot to add about their quilts.

I had a letter from Polly yesterday. She and her husband live in Chicago and she sounded real happy. Her Dad is still unable to work but is doing all right. The cast is off now but the bones of one foot are all fused together and the doctor is going to take out a bone in the big toe so it will bend and he can get his shoe on. Right now, he can't get anything on that foot. The bones were all so crushed he is lucky to have a foot. It hurts pretty much but he has to walk on it so it will get well. He uses a cane and hobbles around in the house.

I talked to Polly's mother yesterday. My quilting lady has done a quilt for her and I wish she'd get back to me. She has so many I will just have to wait.

Keep your house warm no matter what your gas costs. Hospital bills would be more. This fuel business and trucking business is a mess. I don't blame the truckers half as much as the oil companies. There is a long article in the Consumers about the oil company profits and it makes me boil to think of it. We gave 51¢ plus tax for cut rate gasoline this week for the Mustang. No wonder the truckers are mad. The government always seems to support the moneyed groups, though, so the truckers are catching it.

Our woodpile is still holding out and we have enjoyed the fireplace. I'd really like to use up the old wood for some of it is several years old & full of bugs, I guess.

My suit is finally done and I have a red blouse and a gold colored one I can wear with it but it still is awfully light colored. I guess the weather will determine when I can wear it.

The while dress I made from the one Charlotte gave me is all done but the hem and some braid trim. I may have to refit it a bit because it seemed pretty tight yesterday. I think I'll just wait until summer to finish it and then I can tell better what needs to be done to it. I might lose a little by then. The braid will spruce it up and I think I'll get red/white/blue of some kind. It goes around the sleeves, neckline & around an inset belt.

I cut out another light summer dress this morning but may not touch it again until this summer. I had started to cut out some cheap sale material and found flaws all over it so didn't want to spend time on that. I'll use the material to line a lace tablecloth I have so it won't be wasted. It looks like tiny ink spots on the material so it must have been a poor dye mix. It would show in a dress but won't under the lace. The lace cloth is green & the material is gold so it will be pretty.

My book club met here last Monday so I have one more group to entertain and then it will be about time to start over.

It is about lunch time so I'd better stop and fix something. Hope you are fine. We talked to the children last week and all were fine. Ann had been sick a week with a bad throat but was planning to go back to school on Monday. She had seen a doctor and was getting o.k."



NOTE:  The clipping included in the letter doesn't have any notations on it.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 2, 1974 The Beauty Shop, The Knitting Group, The Other Things, The President's Speech and The Canadian's Editorial

Dear Mother,

"I'm in the beauty shop under the dryer so I'll use my time to write to you instead of just sitting here. I have been getting a permanent. My hair was so hard to manage I had to have something done.

Our cold weather is back and snow is predicted after a few nice days. B knocked the ice out of the evergreens but it is still in the yard.

I gave my program about quilts on Monday and it went real well. Everyone was so interested. I had intended to take some of my quilts to show but it was such an ugly, rainy day that I didn't.

Our knitting group met Tuesday night and I went to a luncheon on Wednesday. January was a busy month and I hope this month will be a little easier.

In between other things this week, I have been making a suit with a long skirt and it is about finished. The skirt is all done and the jacket is ready for the button holes and lining. I hope to finish it this afternoon if the phone doesn't ring all the time.

We are going to a dinner later this month to honor the president of Eureka College so I hope this outfit looks nice enough to wear. It is cream colored with some flecks of black, red & yellow in it but I hope when I get a red or black blouse with it that is won't look too summery. I already have a cream sweater that looks pretty with it but it is terribly light.

We haven't heard from Ann this week. Bob & Patty sent back a carload of stuff with Chip when he went to visit them. They don't have much storage space and some of it was books. B said they hadn't learned to throw away books but I told him he hadn't learned that either.

Did you hear the President's speech? If all of the things he said could only be true we would be in fine shape. I keep wondering how things will be this time next year. He blames everyone but himself when he could straighten everything out in a hurry if he'd keep his promises to cooperate and do it. I just can't understand it at all.

We still get all the gas we need but Chicago seems to have trouble. Bob & Pat haven't complained so they must be alright. Of course, we don't drive to work or use our car as much as many people have to but some of the stations stayed open last Sunday. They had plenty of gas.

Our Mustang is all fixed up and runs fine. We use it practically all of the time since it doesn't take much gas.

Has your grass stayed green all winter? Ours looks like spring but B said the deep snow cover had kept it warm and growing. Someone said the few warm days we had brought the peonies up but I didn't go out to see. Everyone is wishing for an early spring and this is February already. Time sure flies by in a hurry!

I had heard and read the Canadian's editorial and it is really special. Sometimes I feel exactly like he does but I guess the world is far too small for us to ignore the rest of it. So things probably won't change.

It is almost noon and I hope I get home in time to fix B's lunch. He likes to come home even for a few minutes.

I hope you are fine and that your basement is dried up. There doesn't seem to be any answer to that and we've just been lucky."



NOTE:  The President's speech...

Saturday, February 6, 2016

January 26, 1974 The Slow Thaw, The Dirty Windows, The Formal Initiation, The Spring Sewing and The Fried Pies

Dear Mother,

"It looks as if it is going to pour rain any minute and it is supposed to rain today. We still have snow because it just doesn't stay warm long enough for it to melt. The thawing has been slow but it is a good thing. We haven't had a drop of water in the basement and if we'd had a fast thaw we'd probably have had water everywhere.

This has been a real busy week. As You Like It Club met here Thursday so I had to get ready for them. It was a beautiful bright day and all of the dirty windows showed up but no one cared because we had such a good time. One of the women brought her husband to show pictures of Norway so that was interesting. They went last summer.

I am being initiated into a sorority along with a lot of college students and this week has been full of things to go to. Sunday night I went to a party where the girls live and met them all. I'll never learn all their names. Tuesday night there was a barbecue supper and I left that early to go to a ballet at school.

B met me there and that was a beautiful program. They were all Mexican dancers and their costumes were so bright and beautiful--flowers, feathers, embroidery, lace and all kinds of pretty stuff was used. Last night there was half of the formal initiation at the church and then a reception. The rest of the initiation is this morning and a banquet tonight, and tomorrow will be another reception. B will go with me to the reception tomorrow but that is the only thing he's been in on. I thought about this a long time before I said I'd do it but it is a chance to work with students and this is the only time the sorority can take in honor members.

I'm getting ready to do some spring sewing so have the dining table all spread out. Yesterday I cut out a suit with a long skirt. I wish I had enough material to make a short skirt too but I don't and I can't get any more since I bought it last summer. Maybe I'll get the pieces pinned together sometime this afternoon.

B has taken the Mustang out to Sears to have the muffler fixed. It should be in good shape when that is done. We had the transmission fixed and that was a big job and took several days. It has been a good little car and this is the first big job we've had to do.

Your letter came right through this time. I guess the weather made the difference.

I tried making Aunt Nora's fried pies with the canned biscuits but am out of practice, I guess. I fried them too fast so had to put them in the oven awhile. They tasted good though and I'll make some more one of these days.

Daylight savings time doesn't bother me too much but I guess it is a problem for little school children. It would be a simple matter to start school at 9:00 like we used to do and I don't see why that idea hasn't been used. It is just silly for little ones to get out in the dark.

I'm glad you got to church last week. It helps the day go by. We went in the rain. The weather here doesn't seem to keep people at home.

The Watergate hearings are supposed to start again next week. I hope I can listen to them. If Nixon loved this country as he says he does he would resign and fade away so we can get ahead with our other problems. He could have ended all this long ago if he'd answered questions himself but he's put the country thru all this agony instead. I have more admiration for Agnew even if he did some bad things. At least, he didn't keep lying and string it all out as he could have. Maybe it will all end one of these days. I hope soon.

I guess I'd better get myself ready to go to church. I have to be there at 10:30.

Hope you are fine and that the weather is better."



NOTE:  As the University continued to grow, more student housing, including sororities and fraternities were built in the neighborhood. Two of them were directly across the street from our house. This was both a blessing and a curse to B & Bonnie. Tri-Delta sorority invited Bonnie to be an honorary member, as a good-will gesture I'm sure. After a couple of years she commented, "I'm not so sure about that sorority business."

Remember CBS Mystery Theater on the radio?  If interested, see below.