Friday, October 9, 2015

August 14, 1971 The Knit Suit, The Wonderful Time, The Quilt Blocks, The Navy Threads and The Day Time Rest

Dear Mother,

"It is rainy and hot today but B & Bob are working on the cars--changing oil and things like that.

Patty's classes are all over and she is glad. She is anxious to know her grades but they should be A's the way she worked. Bob still has two more weeks. They expect Pat's younger sister to come for a visit just before they go to Atlanta and then she can ride home with them. But they haven't heard from her so really don't know.

I've been working on a knit suit for myself this week and I guess it is going to turn out alright. I wasn't really in the mood to sew but felt I had to. I guess I'll just wait until the kids are gone to start on the kitchen. I think it will be simpler since we won't worry about meals and such. B & I can get by lunch on a peanut butter sandwich but they can't.

We had a card from Ann on Tuesday saying they got into their apartment Sunday evening. They made wonderful time in the truck. They got everything unpacked and straightened and got their bank account established there besides some other business attended to before leaving on their trip.

They used every minute of their time, I guess. She called from Kennedy airport Thurs. evening and they were ready to get on the plane for England. I guess they are having a wonderful time in London now.

I'm glad you got your dress done and hope you'll like the collar better after you wear it a few times.

I finally got a letter written to Aunt Nora after Burdett's accident. It was hard to write and I sent Florence a card. I hardly know her and don't know the children but I know they mean a lot to Aunt Nora.

Maybe you are working on those quilt blocks too much and not giving your back enough rest. That may sound funny but holding your arms in the same position for a long time could cause the muscles to cramp. I had to quit knitting one time because of that very thing. The pains were shooting across my chest and down my arms and it was nothing but cramped muscles from the knitting.

I finished the baby afghan and blocked it. The size is fine and I got some pink blanket binding to put around the edge. That's another little job I'll have to finish.

I still leave the wool quilt around and work at embroidering the seams a little most every day. There really is a lot of work on it and I doubt if I get it done before school starts.

If B can find the time we plan to go to Chicago for two or three days next week to rest as much as anything. We're going to look for him a suit and I would buy a dress if I could fine one to fit. I haven't bought a ready made dress in years. We'll stay in Bob & Pat's apartment and maybe go to the museum or something like that.

I'd better stop and get the sweeper going. There are little navy threads from my sewing all over the place and it is almost noon.

Try getting a little more day time rest and leave off the sewing for awhile. Maybe that will help your back."

                    Lots of love,


Thursday, October 8, 2015

August 7, 1971 The Quiet House, The Big Truck, The Little Baby Afghan, The Hot Days and The Demonstration

Dear Mother,

"Everyone is gone so the house is awfully quiet. B is working in the office and Bob & Pat have gone on a sightseeing picnic. They are on their way to New Salem--the old Lincoln village and took a picnic lunch with them.

Bob & Ann got here last night just before 6:00. They had a big truck with their little car up in it. After supper all of us worked at getting their things loaded.

I had most everything already boxed but even then it was almost 11:00 before everything was done. They left this morning about 8:30. They were really tired last night but ready to go this morning. They feel rushed but they'll get things done on time, I'm sure. They are supposed to fly out of N.Y. next Thurs. evening about 8:00 & be in London Friday morning.

I have Ann's room all straightened up but the basement sure needs a lot of work. Of course, we collected boxes for packing & there are lots of wrappings from the wedding gifts.

I went to Book Club Monday but haven't read any this week. I have the knitting all done on that baby afghan but haven't blocked it yet. It isn't very big now so I hope it will block out. If it isn't big enough I'll have to add some fringe or bind it some way to finish it off.

Three families have given us tomatoes & cucumbers this week so we've been doing pretty well. They are still 49¢ a lb. in the store. Bob's don't ripen very fast but they are nice.

He spent two days this week with eye doctors and was lucky enough to see a cornea transplant. It was done on a 12 year old girl, I believe.

Our weather is still cool and beautiful but it is warming up slowly so we'll probably have lots of hot days yet. Our yard is really green & growing.

I'm so sorry about Burdette. Aunt Nora must be terribly upset for I think she depended upon him a lot. Why was he going to Lebanon to the doctor?

Your Social Security check wasn't bad at all but I guess you just wished too hard for it to be more. I hope they get the abstract straightened out so Mr. Henson can buy the land. It will be good to be rid of it and not be worrying about it besides having the money from it.

Patty & I went to a gem cutting demonstration at school one afternoon. It was real interesting. Made me want to get my table fixed up. I don't even have the legs back on yet.

I had better change the washer. The towels really pile up when the kids are all here.

How is your back? You haven't said lately."



Wednesday, October 7, 2015

July 31, 1971 The Old State Capitol, The Summer Dress, The Ripening Tomatoes, The Two Letters and The Cute Kittens

Dear Mother,

"We have been in Springfield most of the day for a meeting. B is a trustee of Eureka College and we were invited to Springfield for a committee meeting and for lunch. It was a real nice day. Bob & Pat went with us but did some looking around at the Lincoln things which Pat hadn't seen. Springfield has rebuilt the old State Capitol where Lincoln worked and has made a show place of it. In fact, they are working over much of Springfield in the capitol area and it is really going to be a beautiful spot when it is finished.

I wore a summer dress today but really needed a suit. We have had a week of cold weather. In fact, we have had the furnace on but everything just looks beautiful now that it is green again.

Bob's tomatoes have started ripening. I think he's picked five but the cool weather has slowed them down.

We have had two letters from Ann this week. She is beginning to wonder if the wedding presents are ever going to stop. There have been 3 or 4 this week. She & Bob will be home next Friday and I guess they will leave sometime Saturday or maybe early Sunday. It is going to take awhile to load their things. It won't seem right to not have her in Missouri. She has been there so long counting the time she was in school.

I had a nice letter from Charlotte this week & I must answer soon. I haven't written to Beulah since I got home & I must do that too.

I haven't done much of anything since I came home except wash & iron and not much of that. The baby shawl is coming along fine so maybe I will get it done by September.

Faith Larsen brought me a book from book club and I made the mistake of reading a page. That partly explains why I haven't done much for I had to finish that book. It was The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart and just a big fairy tale but very good.

I'm glad the share business is all done with. That little paper I wrote out was just to help you remember details and I'm not even sure what I had on it but if Steve signed it that was o.k. He told me Frank O'Halloran still had 39 shares, I believe it was. I hope Mr. Henson buys the land and then maybe things can all be straightened out when we come home the next time. No telling how slow the insurance will be but we can hope that when we come you can know what you want in savings.

Have the cats come back? I'll bet they do unless someone has taken them. Those kittens were cute enough for anyone to want them if they could be caught.

I'm going to have to sew one of these days so I'll have something to wear when we have weather like this later in the fall. I bought a piece of navy the other day but won't do anything with it until after Ann & Bob have come & gone. I'm going to have to start on the kitchen, too.

I had my annual physical yesterday & felt like I was wasting my time & the doctor's too because I didn't have a single complaint but he insists on yearly exams so I guess that's all right.

Bob has been helping deliver babies this week & is sure enjoying it. The nurse called about 10:30 but he rolled out of bed & went to the hospital one night.

Be sure & let me know about your SS check next week. I hope you are sleeping well & getting more rested."

                 Much love,


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

July 25, 1971 The Short Visit, The Delicious Pie, The Nice Gifts, The Closed Deal and The Usual Housework

Dear Mother,

"We had a nice but short visit with Bob & Ann and got home about mid-night. Bob and Pat were still up so they unloaded the vegetables and things we needed to get out.

I put the pie in the oven again and it was delicious at noon. Pat had fixed a casserole & had it all ready in the refrigerator so we didn't have to do much about lunch.

All of us slept until 10:00 this morning and I really slept so I'll soon be caught up.

Ann has more wedding presents so I just wrote to her so she can send thank-yous. Bob & Pat get a kick out of opening the packages but had waited for us to say it was o.k. Pat's mother & grandmother had sent a beautiful silver water pitcher. There was a bud vase and some stainless salt/peppers to match a tray with creamer & sugar bowl on it. Ann has really had a lot of nice gifts.

She has four more days of school and then the summer term is over at Woodhaven. That will give her a week to work around the apartment. Everything was so clean but it will be a job to pack things.

I wish I could be there to go with you when you close the deal for the shares but everything will be fine and I'm sure Steve will take care of you. If you go after the bank is closed--which you might if that is when Gordon can do it--you may not be able to deposit the check. Just take it home--don't endorse it and wait until Beulah comes or call Rosalynn to take you to the bank. She'd do it gladly. Of course, this all may be done by the time you get this letter but Steve said the first part of the week & that could be Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Everything will be fine anyway.

I'm not planning much this week except for the usual housework but I know I'll be ready for some extra work in a few days. I want to get the legs on my tables & get Ann's stuff all packed before I start the kitchen. Our basement is sure one holy mess. I don't care though, for it will all soon be gone. Bob & Ann will be leaving in two weeks.

I hope you slept well last night.

             Lots of love,

                   Bonnie               Did you take your vitamin pill today? Go do it."

Monday, October 5, 2015

June 25, 1971 The Extra Work, The Party, The Warm Apartment, The Little Shower and The Yellow Quilt

Dear Mother,

"This week has flown by. I guess because everyone was so busy. B has worked day and night at school. The budget is really causing a lot of extra work for everyone. Maybe it will be ironed out one of these days.

Bob is really enjoying the hospital. He has been studying how the whole thing works--including housekeeping, the kitchen and everything. He went back one evening for a seminar of some kind.

Patty has two math classes and they seem to be very hard. She works all day on it and then goes thru it again with Bob when he comes home. I'm sure she is doing fine but she wants it all right.

They are going to Chicago tomorrow. There is a party tomorrow night and some of the parents of a student have invited them for dinner Sunday evening. They will be late getting back but the woman called from Chicago to invite them.

The attic apartment
I have spent most of the week packing Ann's things and am not finished yet. It is quite a job. They are fine and enjoying the summer but their apartment gets pretty warm, I guess.

It has been terribly hot here but we got a little shower last night. I've been watering the tomatoes and there are lots of green ones. Things are sure dry though, and our yard hasn't needed mowing for weeks.

Maybe you should talk to the doctor again about your back but it always takes a long time for strained muscles to heal. Do you take the pills he gave you? Be sure & do that so you can rest at night. They are probably for relaxing those muscles and that helps them heal.

 I wish I could come for the weekend but B will be working. If I could see Daddy for 5 minutes I'd be satisfied but I guess it is impossible. I know how you feel when you don't get to go.

The yellow quilt will be pretty. I'm still working on the wool one but it is going to take a long, long time. I'd really like to finish up a lot of things this summer but am always starting something new.

I've been cleaning drawers and when I have a chance I'm going to look for kitchen wall paper and then start painting. There is always something to do.

Hope your back gets better and I'm sure glad your chest is."

               Much love,


Sunday, October 4, 2015

June 19, 1971 The Extra Things, The Heating Pad, The Human Body, The Air Conditioning and The Extra Rest

Dear Mother,

"I have been working in the kitchen most of the morning and it is almost lunch time. B is working in the office today since summer school starts Monday. There are lots of extra things to do right now.

I'm relieved to know your chest is better and maybe the back will soon begin to feel better. If you really did strain it, it will take a while for the muscles to heal so just keep using the heating pad if that helps.

Why don't you let John Henry take you some evening but tell him you just want to stay 20 or 30 minutes? He probably wouldn't want to stay till 9:30 or 10:00 either.

I wish the nurses could feed Daddy so they could do away with the tube. He'll probably have to learn to swallow and to chew too.  I can't imagine him even being able to hold his head up because all of his muscles must be very weak from not being used so long. The human body is a puzzling thing and life even more puzzling.

We really need some of your rain. Our front yard is brown and it is so dry I think some of our evergreens are going to die. We have watered them but it doesn't seem to help any.

Ann has been writing to us but they called the other night just to talk. Bob's school has started but he says it is boring and he's freezing because the air conditioning is so cold. Ann's job at the children's school is volunteer but so are all the other teachers. There are six and four of them teach during the year but they are working for nothing this summer. That place is having money problems. Ann will be there 8 weeks and she says it is fun and very interesting.

They have the apartment all fixed and the curtains up. We got them made at the last minute. Bob had fixed shelves and hooks for the pans so they were all set.

Bob B. called this morning and they will be here mid-afternoon tomorrow. Pat's dad will be with them and stay overnight. We haven't seen him since Bob's graduation last June but he's been in Chicago a couple of other times. I think he calls them pretty often.

I've sewed this week and tried to finish some dresses. They are done except for the hems and they are pinned in. One of them was from the material Beulah gave me for my birthday. It's going to be real cool. I liked your blue dotted one and thought it looked real pretty on you but I don't think I even mentioned it.

Get extra rest so your back will heal."

               Lots of love,


Saturday, October 3, 2015

June 15, 1971 The Scratchy Throats, The Good Care and The Trace of Rain

Dear Mother,           Tuesday

"I'm sure mixed up on my days. This seems so much like Monday.

Buddy looks so good. He has a good color and certainly doesn't look sick. He looks as good as he did before he got sick. The doctor has been keeping him in bed the past week because he had a sore throat. His sinuses drain down his throat and that makes his throat sore sometimes. Mine does too but it makes my nose run so I guess I'm lucky but I know a lot of people who have scratchy throats most of the time.  He has been getting up to use the bathroom and to the table to eat but I guess the doctor isn't taking any chances so just told him to stay in bed until he tells him he can be up more. That was the trouble when Beulah talked to him, I guess, for he sure didn't talk or act sick yesterday.

We visited quite a while. He is still going to the doctor once a week. They had thought it would be extended to once every two weeks but the blood tests last Saturday weren't what the Dr. wanted so he'll still go once a week. Bessie said he wanted it thicker but I guess she meant he wanted the red blood cell count higher. That is common and that is what we all take iron for sometimes. I asked about medicine and he takes a lot but they don't seem to know what it is for except the medicine he's taking for the throat.

He sure is being pampered. I told him he was getting spoiled and Bessie started laughing. She said he'd eat and go back to bed and then she'd have to carry his pills to him instead of his taking them at the table. She seemed happy to wait on him, though. I don't think you need to worry about him at all. I think they call the doctor every time he squeaks but all he seems to need is rest and good care and he's getting that.

We are looking for Bob this morning. He's coming down for a hospital dinner tonight but said he'd drive Pat to school & then come on.

We have had only a trace of rain here. It isn't so hot today but we need the rain.

I'll be anxious to hear if your back is better. We didn't get to go after your thread for the quilt. I thought of it on the way home.

I'm going to try to sew a bit today and finish up some dresses I started last week. I'm really not in the mood but I want to get them out of the way.

Get lots of rest.  Be sure and take those pills at bedtime like the Dr. said until the back is all well.